Here are some of the activities that are being offered in immersion with the intelligences that correspond to them. You

will find more information on multiple intelligences 




Physical activity is important and essential to the health. We offer a 1h15 Fit Club with a good warm-up, cardiovascular exercises, complete muscular development and stretching. All in music and animated by a sports coach. The course is held on Friday at 19:15 for adults (from 16 years) and Saturday at 12:15 for children and will alternate every other week in Dutch and English. The goal is to develop linguistic intelligence in an unconscious way through listening and practice. A sports snack is available for 2 € (a bottle of water, grilled soy beans or a balanced and energised bar)! The children will be able to benefit from several personal follow-ups on athletic. A good reason to follow a philosophy of healthy and an active life! Registration via the corresponding page.



Dance as well as other activities such as rhythmic and song games enable the learning of the intelligence of hearing, rhythm and music.

It will be mostly exploited on Thursday afternoons during the course Movements. We will exploit different dance techniques (hip-hop, contemporary, Break-Dance ...) We will develop the musical ear, the rhythm as well as the coordination, the control and the flexibility of the body that enables improvisation and free self-expression on the music. There will also be choreographic workshops.

Cinema & Theater

The intelligence of speech and language is the essence of the course and it integrates intuitively through all activities. We will also exploit it more explicitly through visual aids such as books, cartoons and cinema. It will allow them to put themselves in the shoes of the characters by doing role plays, theater and reproducing scenes. The downloadable worksheets of every week will also include everything we saw during the course and will allow them to learn vocabulary, expressions, grammar and all that concerns the learning of the language as such.

Board Games

Board games and group activities will allow the development of interpersonal intelligence. They will learn to connect with others and how to collaborate, cooperate or team up to achieve a goal.


Sport, physical activity and psychomotricity will develop their physical intelligence, their body control, body geometry and coordination. They will be able to move and work.


Drawing, perception and visualization allow the development of the imagination of space and visual intelligence. They will thus represent, in a visual way, all that they learn and it will teach them another way of expression.


Treasure hunts, crafts and all other exercises of reflection allow the development of the gray matter, intelligence of the mind, logic and mathematics.

An Herbiarium







The discovery of the Brugmann Park makes it possible to develop the intelligence of nature, animals and plants. They will enrich their vocabulary in relation to the environment and will learn to appreciate what surrounds them.





The intelligence of the heart, which is intra-personal, allows to learn much more about oneself. It develops through learning from the different activities belonging to the different intelligences. They will develop their intuition, they will learn to control their emotions, to build self-confidence, to build, to develop their abilities and to realise their dominant intelligences.

But also :


Working in workshops, miming, learning lyrics, playing scenarios, having conversations, DIY-ing and playing outdoor games are a part of the development of the intelligences. All these disciplines and techniques intersect and complement each other in a multidisciplinary way, where everyone follows their path and explores their desires, their abilities, their fears and goals.


Emotions play a big role and are worth living and feeling for the well-being of physical, emotional and mental freedoms. Children build their learning according to their intuitiveness!

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