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Private Home Tutorial

We can also enhance your learning by letting you get quality material you can check here:

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A learning a language like any other activity through repetition,


                                                        it is the regular practice that makes us progress.

                          We offer here a personalised coaching

                                           to your projects and your desires:

            Would you like to prepare yourself properly

      to enter a school in IMMERSION?

                                                     Did you just arrived in Belgium and you wish

                                                    to accommodate yourself with the language fast?


  Do you have a child(ren) who has (have) some difficulties in class

            and you want to help them improve it?

                                                                                   Does your child have a talent for languages 

                                                                    and do you want to improve it faster than the norm?

                  Do you want to get ahead without having to wait

                        what the school system proposes for later?

We bring you solutions through intuitive and fast learning. An active and playful pedagogy that allows to learn differently and intelligently through play, art or sports. From the conversations, to the scenario-playing through various practical exercises, all based on the theory of multiple intelligences


The activities complement each other by a regular follow-up by e-mail with reminder, tracks and additional activities which make it possible to fix the subject matter outside the sessions and to perfect its learning by a sustained practice while having fun.

The courses are aimed at any age or any lower or lower level wishing to develop their language skills in Dutch, English or French.


It is given in individual or small groups at your home and / or outside.

We put together a program and determine the frequency with which the learnings succeed each other with an acceptable budget that meets the expectations of everyone.

You also have the possibility to follow this program online 

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