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Here is one of the activities that is being offered during the immersion with the intelligence that correspond to it.

You will find more information on multiple intelligences


Dance as well as other activities such as rhythmic and song games enable the learning of the intelligence of hearing, rhythm and music.

It will be mostly exploited on Thursday afternoons during the course Movements. We will exploit different dance techniques (hip-hop, contemporary, Break-Dance ...) We will develop the musical ear, the rhythm as well as the coordination, the control and the flexibility of the body that enables improvisation and free self-expression on the music. There will also be choreographic workshops.

Dance Tutorials

I decided to create these tutorials to help children visualize movements in space and on the ground by facilitating their way of learning simple movements. I want to give them the opportunity to express themselves on music by giving them tools that they can use, mix and interpret in order to develop their personality.

All these words, disciplines and techniques intersect and complement each other in a multidisciplinary discipline where everyone follows his path and explores his desires, his abilities, his fears and his goals. Emotions play a big role and are worth living and feeling for the well-being of physical, emotional and mental freedoms. Children build their learning according to their intuitiveness!

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